Tip of the Week #63 – Multiple Quote Lines

Senior Consultant Dennis André Thomsen brings us this week’s tip about merging multiple quote lines.

Did you know, that using the Sample Report 6011012 with the MergeCode 1-REPORT you are able to generate one block of Prices covering multiple Jobs and Version in one Quote Document?

Simply add the MergeCode 1-REPORT to your MergeFile, and attach report 6011012 in the Field Report Number. The report itself defines which content is being written.

To have the remaining Report work properly, please also select the MergeCode 6010313-QUOTE, to merge all other information from the Active Quote Version.

The mentioned Sample Report generates the following string of information.

[TAB] Quantity [TAB] # Pages [TAB] External Description [TAB] Quoted Price [TAB] Quoted Add. Price

As the [TAB]s are already inserted into the text-string which is being generated, you basically just need to create three lines in your Document Setup, with exactly the same Tabulators, so that you have a line for Captions, a line for the MergeCode itself, and the last line to ensure that additional lines have the same Tabulator Setup.

All but Tab no. 3 should be Right-Tabs, as they display numbers, Tab no. 3 text.

Be sure to leave enough space for larger quantities – but as much as possible of course for the External Description.

Looking into a Case, in this example one with 1 Job and 4 Versions, the report will perform the following ‘logic’;

  • The active Quote will be the ‘Base’ for all merged Information, and for the QuotePrice Lines
  • Any lines marked “Additional option for the alternative”, will state the price difference between the ‘Base’ and the actual version for Price, and Additional qty Price
  • Any lines marked “Alternative” will be displayed as Quantity or Page variations of the Base.

A case could as such look like the following:

Which when merged into a Quote will display the following Quote layout:

Thank you Dennis!

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