Tip of the Week #62 – Custom Report Layouts

This week’s tip comes from one of the newest members of the PrintVis development team, Rikard Hult.

Custom Report Layout

From NAV2015 it is possible to change the report layout directly via the Windows Client of NAV. It is also possible to have different layouts for different companies.

How to:

Open the Report Layout Selection

Select the report you want to change/add. Click on Custom Layouts.

Click on New.. and check “Insert RDLC Layout.”

A line is created to associate the report with a specific company.

To test the report, click on Run report.

Click on Edit Layout if the layout needs changes.

Make the changes (for example delete some columns) and save.

Click Yes, if you want to import the changes.

And try the report again; the changes are stored.

You can find more information on


Thank you Rikard!

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