Tip of the Week #56 – Scheduling Reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Tip of the Week #56 – Scheduling Reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Senior Consultant Lutz Schmieder brings us a tip this week highlighting the ever-improving functionality for building and scheduling reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

This functionality for defining and scheduling reports is a part of the Role Center.

You can schedule a report to run at a specific date and time.

This allows users to schedule reports to run at non-operating times, freeing them to become more productive during business hours.

Users define which reports they would like to add to the Job Queue, when the reports should be scheduled, and how often they should occur. Report parameters can also be identified for the report when it runs. Once the Job Queue runs, these reports are placed into a Report Inbox that is displayed in the user’s Role Center.

Other Benefits:

  • The ability to leverage the server to run the report
  • The fact that reports can be saved as PDF, Word, Excel or sent to a printer

Scheduling Reports in NAV

Using the Report Inbox at Role Center:

  1. Setup a new Job Queue and start it:
  1. Select and schedule a report

Select Output Type and press OK:

Now the report are on the list. Launch the report with “Show”:

Thank you Lutz!

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