Tip of the Week #54 – Use Field as Calculator

Tip of the Week #54 – Use Field as Calculator

Assistant Developer Casper Lee Faxner brings us this week’s tip.

Here is my little tip of the week.

Time registration can be quite important to a print company, particularly at the Shop Floor level where hours spent producing print jobs make the difference between profit and loss. But we all make mistakes and occasionally our recorded hours need to be amended; say for instance if you were clocked into a job and forgot to clock out when it was completed.

When you need to make a correction, instead of working out in your head how much time it is, you can simply just subtract the hours spent from the day, right there in the Hours field of your Job Costing Journal.

The fact that the field can be used as a calculator is pretty handy in cases where it’s needed.

Thank you Casper!

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