Tip of the Week #53 – Control Add-ins

PrintVis Tip of the Week #53 – Control Add-ins

Developer Peter Tijsma brings us this week’s helpful tip.

I won’t be talking about PowerShell this time, but rather something we encounter quite commonly in customer support. Sometimes people have issues with our Control Add-ins because they didn’t install them correctly.

This tip of the week is specifically about making sure these Add-ins are installed correctly.

  1. Checking if the Control Add-ins are correctly installed in the NAV Control Add-in table

Go to the Control Add-ins page:

Select the line NovaVision.PrintVis.JS.ShopFloorPanel and select Export:

If the next screen shows:

Then we need to install them in the database first. To do this, Go to the PrintVis General Setup:

In the General setup, click on Create PrintVis Add-in Entries:

The message should then show:

  1. Go back to 1a (Go to the Control Add-ins page) and see if the export now does work. If it does, restart the Client and try again to see if it works.


If the previous step still didn’t work, you might want to check the following code. This should point to the correct location where the Add-ins are installed

Design Codeunit 6010313 PV NAV API and go to function InsertClientAddIns
This should show the following code:

  1. As you can see, it’ll try to install the Control Add-ins from the APPLICATIONPATH + “Add-ins\NovaVision Server.”
    If the Service Instance is installed in a different (non-standard) location then the previous step will not solve the issue.
    The Server Assemblies are installed by default in the standard location, but if you changed this, you also need to copy the “NovaVision Server” folder to the changed location (and of course after that repeat step 1a).
  1. How is your Service Instance Setup? What’s the Service Account?
    Could it be that this Service Account does not have access to the “NovaVision Server” directory? This would also explain if the Add-ins are not created correctly.

The workaround for that though, is to simply import them Manually through the “Import” button. Simply select the Corresponding Zip file to import and test.

  • Also, in Germany, a lot of the internet users disable JavaScript altogether in a browser. This is something to check as well.
    This is because even when you use a Windows Client, the Add-in is still a JavaScript Add-in, which runs in a Browser control within the Windows Page. Therefore it still obeys the Browser Settings for JavaScript controls.

That’s it.

Thank you Peter!

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