Tip of the Week #50 – Resetting “User-Specified Settings”

PrintVis Tip of the Week #50 – Resetting “User-Specified Settings”

Torben Nielsen joins us this week with a quick tip on customizing your pages in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. 

In NAV the user can modify how the page looks to his/her individual satisfaction. This includes customizing the ribbon, the navigation pane, the page, Role Center, layout etc.

Sometimes you may want to undo what ever customization you have in place, either because you want to revert to standard settings, or, in rare cases the client refuses to render your page and actually causes the client to crash when you try to open the page.

These settings can then be hard to undo manually, especially if you are not able to open the page on which you want to revert customization.

The workaround to revert to original settings is to use the menu item “Reset User-Specified Settings,” and choosing “Reset UI settings” (screenshots below).

Do be aware that this will reset all  your customization on any page!

Thank you Torben!

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