Tip of the Week #49 – Mibuso

Tip of the Week #49 – Mibuso


Senior Developer Mogens Christensen has a tip this week – taking advantage of the website Mibuso.com.

Mibuso is the oldest and most comprehensive place to search for information on Microsoft Dynamics. It is an independent site, though it is supported by Microsoft.

Developers looking for answers or advice would always search the Mibuso Forum first. Customer administrators and IT people can also find most information they need there.

NAV Companies upload trial versions of NAV products as well as free NAV modules (see Downloads section).

Mibuso has tutorials and videos for both developers and end-users.

All NAV releases and NAV Server and Client install packages can be found on Mibuso.

Mibuso is an abbreviation for “Microsoft Business Solutions.” Learn more about its origins here.


Thank you Mogens!

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