PrintVis Tip of the Week #43 – Sorting on Multiple Columns in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

PrintVis Tip of the Week #43 – Sorting on Multiple Columns in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Kasper Tomshøj brings us this week’s tip, a quick and handy way to optimize one’s view of desired data in NAV.

You probably already know that you can sort a column in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header. At that point you’ll see the small triangle/arrow pointing upward or downward, indicating not only the sorting order but the column being sorted.

But many don’t know that one can sort on multiple columns at the same time by simply holding the shift key. This convenient shortcut has been available since 2013R2.

How would this be useful? Well, let’s say you are the Production Manager at your print company, and you sit down with a cup of coffee to review the jobs for the morning. Prior to 2013, you would sort by order number, and then perhaps who is responsible, and then the job priority. Now you can get those 3 relevant columns to display the view you wish to see simultaneously.

Or say you need to view the planning for the day first by department, then by cost center, and then the person responsible and due date. Sorting on multiple columns allows for a quick and easy compartmentalized overview.

There are dozens of possible examples, but we’ll give a final one. You are the Production Planner and want to review what jobs could possibly be combined for a gang run. You can sort by machine and due date of course, but then narrow down the criteria to include sheet size, stock type and caliper, number of colors, etc. Suddenly options which you may have overlooked are clearly displayed for your consideration.

So there are many instances when sorting on multiple fields can be quite useful. Give it a try!

Thank you Kasper!

In the screenshots below, the red boxes indicate which columns are selected for sorting. Simply hold the shift key and click to sort on additional column headers.  Click each screenshot for a larger view.

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