Tip of the Week #40 – Form Color Properties for PrintVis Imposition

Consultant Jörg Hüner joins us this week with a tip on using PrintVis’ imposition capabilities for better and easier job planning.

Form Color Properties for PrintVis Imposition

On more complex printed products there are often multiple sheets for multiple items (Cover, Text, Inserts etc.) or sometimes multiple items are ganged on a single sheet (“combined sheet”).

For a better visualization PrintVis offers the setup for Form Color Properties.

The Setup

The setup can be found here:
“<YOUR COMPANY>/Departments/Administration/PrintVis Setup/System/Form Color Properties”
Different colors are possible for up to 100 different sheets/ job items per PrintVis Job.

On the Form Color Properties setup just type “Imposition Job Item” into the Quick Filter for field “Description”:

Form Color Properties

Click Image to Enlarge

The example shows that only Job Items 2-6 are setup with special foreground colors. Default value is 16777215 = white. The setup is easy, although determining which color code is required might require some “Googling.”

If you Google for “Color 16777215” you will find several results with a visual example of the color. On this Microsoft page you can find some info as well: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd355244.aspx

Color examples (Column RGB value):

Color RGB value Red Green Blue
Red 255 255 0 0
Green 65280 0 255 0
Blue 16711680 0 0 255
Cyan 16776960 0 255 255
Magenta 16711935 255 0 255
Yellow 65535 255 255 0
White 16777215 255 255 255
Gray 8421504 128 128 128
Black 0 0 0 0

Next step is to pick the number for the colors you like and fill-in into the Foreground Color field. That’s it!

Result – Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Sheet 3 (The cover + Spine)

Sheet 4

Example for a combined sheet with 5 different job items on a sheet.

Colorful dreams!


Thank you Jörg!

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