Tip of the Week #4 – Calculation Unit User Fields

This week we have a tip from Senior PrintVis Consultant Kit Tomshøj.

Calculation Unit User Fields

User Fields is an especially popular feature with PrintVis and used in all of our installations.

The most-used functions have to do with the ability to interact with the estimate and determine what is printed on the job ticket.

An average company will have 20-40 user fields for different areas.

Not many are aware that PrintVis can actually be set up to only provide the user fields for the user if and when a certain machine or service is added to the estimate with a calculation unit.

This is done via Calculation Unit User Fields, set up for the individual calculation units.

Click on each screenshot for an enlarged view.

Screenshot 1: Calculation unit-specific user fields:

Picture 1: Calculation unit specific user fields

Screenshot 3: The User Field Setup

The User Field setup
Kit Tomshøj

Screenshot 2: Setup List

Scroll down in the list throught the group areas to find the Calculation Unit you are looking for.

Setup List

This functionality helps PrintVis to be relevant to each individual estimate and order description without the User always having to wade through a long list of questions.

Thank you Kit!

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