Tip of the Week #26 – Data Mapping in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Lutz Schmieder

PrintVis Tip of the Week #26: Data Mapping in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Senior Consultant Lutz Schmieder joins us this week to illustrate the method of importing existing customer data, which may have different names or values, into their new system.

This is a key step in the RapidStart process, where standardization is employed as a time-saving strategy. Fields are mapped and configured to match each other – and the PrintVis system with Microsoft Dynamics NAV becomes their own. Once in a while we find a discrepancy which must be addressed, as in the example below. 

Data Mapping

We need to know how to map old values with new values when importing customer data from an Excel sheet.

For example, when importing customer data from their old system, we might find the value for the Currency Code doesn’t match the values from NAV. Their Currency Codes are “EURO” and “Dollar.”

But the corresponding Currency codes NAV are EUR and USD:

We must navigate to the Configuration Package Fields.

Select “Currency Code” and, from the ribbon, “Mapping”

We update the values so they match.

You can map any field for the importation of old data into NAV.

  1. Import the Excel sheet
  2. Apply the data
  3. Check the imported data

Thank you Lutz!

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