Tip of the Week #24 – Pop-up Alerts on the Customer Card

Tip of the Week #24 – Pop-up Alerts on the Customer Card

Consultant Thomas Beck Andersen tells us that at least several times per year a partner or a customer will contact the PrintVis Hotline asking how to stop a certain pop-up window from appearing for certain customers.

The pop-up alert is the Customer Information Card, and it displays vital financial information about the customer, typically when their credit limit has been exceeded.

But the Hotline issue has been the pop-up alert appearing even when the customer’s credit is fine. It seems like an error.

The answer is in the comments field, which are also parked on the Customer Information Card.

So if you’ve been mystified by such pop-up alerts for certain customers – check to see if there is a comment there, probably left by a colleague. A comment left on the Customer Information Card will trigger the pop-up window, whenever a new quote or production order is created.

If unwanted, an easy remedy would be to delete the comment from that field, and instead place it on Customer Notes (see screenshots).

Of course this pop-up can be very helpful if there is something users would need to know about that customer, just for a period of time. A simple example might be “This customer is touring our facility next Monday at 2 p.m.!”

Click each screenshot for an enlarged view. 

Thanks once again, Thomas!

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