Tip of the Week #23 – Enhancing PDF Reports with Useful Attachments Setup

This week Developer Christian Mütze offers a decidedly market-savvy tip on making even better use of the Reports setup in PrintVis and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

“Enhancing PDF Reports with Useful Attachments Setup”

The most common use of the Reporting tool is to auto-generate an email to your client with a PDF attachment – typically a quote or an invoice.

But there is additional functionality available which is lesser known – the ability to define additional PDF (or other file type) attachments on a per report basis.

This makes it very easy to attach items like relevant supporting documentation, such as your terms and conditions, to the various reports you generate and send.

But let’s consider the possibilities to add value.

Say your business is having it’s 25th anniversary – you can attach a 25% discount coupon with each quote you send, for example during a one-month period. This attachment can be set up in the system with valid “to” and “from” dates – so it only goes out during the date span you determine.

For example, the attachment could easily be a coupon with a QR code for use in your Web Shop. This is just another way to fortify your customer relationship, and always be building toward the next sale. 

For your routine attachments you can leave those Date values empty and they will always be sent.

We here at PrintVis use PrintVis every day. Let’s say one of our Consultants needs to send out an official proposal to a prospective cloud customer. Along with the PDF proposal, it might be a good idea to attach a supporting customer story to which the prospect can relate, perhaps a company brochure as well. Really, the possibilities are endless. The idea is that you are enhancing the pre-existing line of communication with your client by adding valuable content, tailored to the relationship.

Can you think of other good ways this functionality could be used? Drop us a line!

So if you are a print shop sending dozens of estimates every day, as well as invoices or even RFQs to your own outside vendors – take advantage of the additional attachments setup within PrintVis Report Selection.

Thank you Christian!

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