Tip of the Week #22 – Evaluate Your ERP Options in 10 Steps

While so many of you are on holiday, Michael Bradley is back this week to share a valuable series for both Partners and interested customers – Evaluate your quest for the best print MIS/ERP with some key criteria.

PrintVis Tip of the Week #22: Evaluate your ERP Options in 10 Steps.

Statistically, we know there are a lot of good folks working in the print industry who are seeking better software to manage the core of their business.

You’ve been dealing with seismic shifts in the industry, concurrent with technological leaps and bounds so it’s hard to know which ride to catch.

Meanwhile we get nudged in directions, showered with information in the form of acronyms. New acronyms are so constantly thrown at us –  you kind of need to be a verbal acrobat to digest them all.

One conundrum we at PrintVis and our Partner Network face is the constant need to explain/differentiate MIS vs. ERP.

By the way, “vs.” means versus, in case you don’t know that one. 😉

My Tip of the Week: Use this 10-step evaluation series to help ensure you are asking the right questions while shopping for a better print MIS.

MIS = Management Information Systems

ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

If you just ponder those 2 acronyms, and dwell on their meanings for a bit, you’ll finally get a good idea of the difference between them – it is mainly their scope.

MIS is your essential, basic business software that’s designed to let you manage your day-to-day stuff.

ERP is a bit broader-minded, an acronym to ascend the acropolis; that is, the larger arena of your business “enterprise.” Huge or diminutive as it may be. Doesn’t matter.

You don’t have to go to Rome to need and use ERP to your advantage.

Nor do you need to be the biggest company on the block to implement full ERP for your print company.

PrintVis is MIS for the graphics industry, built into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which is ERP for mid-market-sized businesses of all kinds. 

PrintVis becomes what you need it to be for your particular situation. A little digital sculpting and it’s tailored to your particular segment of the market.  But because in its standard form it’s created by people who see the need for smart, print-centric software that doesn’t collapse but rather helps your business to grow – PrintVis saves you crucial time and money and gets you LIVE in a fraction of the time, because we know the basics of printing. And your business can leverage the full ERP functionality of Dynamics NAV at a pace that works for you.

We offer you the wise choice – an all-encompassing system that you can’t outgrow, but rather one that grows with you (or can scale down as needed during tough times – saving you money and keeping you afloat).


So. MIS to ERP. Your company is somewhere along that trajectory.

And thus the Tip of the Week: Do yourself a favor and engage with this 10-part series – explore what’s available in the market and ask the right questions – for best print MIS systems.

Think about it all. Come back. Ask questions. We’re here to help!

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