Tip of the Week #21 – Cash Flow Forecast

Hello and a great week to all! Senior Consultant Kit Tomshøj is back with a great suggestion to make use of the Cash Flow forecast graph in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

One of the many good new features in NAV 2015 is the way that we can present data, right in front of us as we open our client in the morning.

A favorite graph for me is the Cash Flow forecast.

Cash Flow is a vital criteria for any business, small or large.

There is always an accountant somewhere who is looking at it – but does management remember this too?

The forecast will help you to make intelligent business decisions and spot dead zones and dangers quicker than endless lists of numbers.

With NAV, it is easy to set up and run, and it is easy to place this forecast on the role center of managers and accountants alike.

There are many obvious steps to take when minding one’s cash flow.

  • Don’t tie up too much in inventory.
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Get consignment stock or better payment terms
  • Observe payment discounts.
  • Sell large orders with prepayment.
  • Give payment discounts.

And so on….

(click to enlarge screenshot)

The graph on the role center will show you how this all affects your Cash Flow over time.

Thank you Kit!

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