Tip of the Week #20 – Shortcut to NAV Role Center

PrintVis Tip of the Week #20: Shortcut to access the NAV Role Center and refreshing NAV Pages and the Role Center.

This week Consultant Jörg Hüner returns to share two hidden features.

While working on NAV it might be necessary to get back to Role Center for some specific bit of information, or to start a new procedure from there. If a user is not on the Home part of the navigation pane, it can take multiple clicks to get to the Role Center page,  as the first click on the Home button will bring you to the last view you were working on before leaving the Home area.

(Click on each screenshot for an enlarged view.)

Jörg Hüner

Tip: To get back to the Role Center from any place of any NAV window directly: Just press the Key SHIFT+F12.

Now we are back to the Role Center:

Shortcut to Refreshment of NAV Pages and the Role Center.

Dynamics NAV does not immediately refresh the windows if new records are created.

The new record appears at the end of the list.

Tip: To get the new entry into the desired sorting either press key F5 or the refresh button on the ribbon: refresh

But this does not work on the Role Center.

If for example data for a statistic has changed…

…this will not be updated: neither automatically nor by using the F5 key. The Role Center will only be fully updated when using the shortcut key SHIFT+F12.

Thank you Jörg!

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