Tip of the Week #197 – Partner Certification Open Office

Tip of the Week #197 – Partner Certification Open Office

Senior Consultant Kit Tomshøj sat alone in the meeting room today, waiting patiently for calls from Partner “students” who seek to become certified in PrintVis. Certification is an important element of the PrintVis Partner Model – to ensure our customers have qualified, local support on our world-proven system.

It is Wednesday again, and my office is open for business – especially certification business.

All partner consultants who have registered for PrintVis certification can jump on this meeting and ask questions.

They only need to stay as long as it takes to get an answer, so 10 minutes is often enough.

Think of it as popping in to my office for a quick question and drift back to your own office again afterwards.

The mics are open for everybody, so when we discuss something other consultants are welcome to listen or even chip in with an answer.

I may have prepared a bit of training – for about 15-30 minutes on a particular subject which is relevant to the exams. This can be skipped if the people who attend are somewhere else in their progress – in which case we will look at something more relevant to that stage.

This is often unprepared and there are no PowerPoints nor recordings of the sessions afterwards.

If only 1 person attends, that person is essentially enjoying up to 1½ hours of individual Q&A, training or instructions. Lucky for them!

All exams are personally reviewed and commented on for guidance where anything is not quite right.

We hope to see many more certifications done in the near future.

Thanks Kit!

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