Tip of the Week #195 – The Quantity Principle in a PrintVis Price List

Tip of the Week #195 – The Quantity Principle in a PrintVis Price List

Senior Consultant Jörg Hüner brings us this week’s helpful tip for using a better, more accurate print estimating software.

Generating paper prices from price lists that consider the total quantity of sheets in a job

When using a PrintVis price list for paper (or any kind of item, actually), PrintVis is able to total up the required quantities for the full job in order to select the right price from an existing price list.

Otherwise, the system will generate a price based on the quantity of each calculation line, rather than the total quantity.

Price list setup (click each screenshot for a better view):

Example 1 (Job1V1): 1 Poster (1 job item) with 795 paper sheets needed:

Price is 60 per 1000 pcs: 

Example 2 (Job1V2): 2 Posters (2 equal job items) and each needs 795 paper sheets => Total sheets 1590 => expected cost 40:

Result: 40 per 1000pcs even if the line quantity is less than 1001.

The following options are available as Quantity Principles to group/total the quantities differently:

  • Only current line
  • Same item number
  • Same operation on cost center
  • Same item and operation number
  • Same price list code

Thank you Jörg!

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