Tip of the Week #192 – Renaming an Entry in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Tip of the Week #192 – Renaming an Entry in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Developer Tommy Svensen Møballe brings us this week’s helpful tip. 

Renaming an Entry in NAV

Working with NAV (now known as Business Central), you may have seen this message before:

This message is just to inform you that some work will be performed in order that the whole system will reference the correct value.

Looking at an Item in NAV, the Item is identified by its ‘Code’ as seen here; where this value is important to easily find this Item in the system, and is known as the “Primary Key” for getting the Item.

This item can be found through its Code, where other data entries can refer to the key to get the specific Item. Changing an Item’s key identifier ‘Code’ is perhaps normal in some circumstances, but understand that NAV, during a rename, will update all entries that refer to the same key identifier.

Where it becomes important to keep an eye open is when there exists an Item whose identifier is blank (‘’).

Since blank (‘’) also is an identifier in NAV, then renaming a blank Item through the Client is a flat-out NO/Proceed at your own risk.

Consequences of the rename would be that any reference that can refer to an Item which has the value blank(‘’), would now have the updated value instead. Key identifiers should not be renamed if blank, since that could cause major problems elsewhere in the system. So – if an Entry happens to have key identifiers equal blank and there are existing references to this item, then I would recommend you get a developer to take a look and remove this anomaly through code.

Before Rename:

After Rename:

*An Entry can be anything such as a Customer, Vendor, Sales Order, Purchase Order, etc.

Thank you Tommy!

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