Tip of the Week #191 – Page Navigation in Business Central

Tip of the Week #191 – Page Navigation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Senior Consultant Jörg Hüner’s Tip of the Week will help you to navigate your way around the Windows Clients.

Subject: Working with several lists and pages at the same time – Open page in a new Window function.

When working with multiple PrintVis topics in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central interface (which I’ll just call BC for brevity’s sake) at the same time, it can be useful to have more than one page/window open simultaneously. For example, in order to compare data in a quote, an experienced user might have several cases open at once. 

Important: These options are only available in the NAV/BC Windows Client!

Task information on the Windows task bar

When hovering over the Windows task bar the header information of the actual page is displayed:

Travel history

If you are working in lists on the menu pane and you must switch back and forth between them, it is easy to navigate between the different lists, because the travel history is available on the BC navigation.

Function: Open In New Window

In the next example I’m adjusting some setup (for example a Speed Table) and have to switch between some test calculations and the Cost Center setup, it is possible to keep the Case list and the Cost Center list open at the same time. With this open you can easily switch between those lists and open the required Case/Cost Center and not have too many windows open at the same time. The last selected record is always highlighted in each list.

Do a right click on the list that you want to keep open and select “Open In New Window”:

Open Case List in a new window

On the “Home” area of the Role Center you have this option as well.

Thank you Jörg!

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