Tip of the Week #19 – Job Cost = Unit Cost

This week’s tip comes from Developer Torben Nielsen.

As you know, PrintVis lets you build lists – Items, Cost Centers, Cases, Journals and really anything you discover a need for categorizing and organizing.

Your Item list will include your inventory – papers, inks, adhesives, coatings – anything you order and keep in stock. Occasionally your vendors might offer one-time low pricing on an inventory item – perhaps a paper that is being discontinued, or a batch of film that has imperfections on one end but is otherwise perfectly fine. Such happenstance can sometimes be the key factor in you being the low bidder and winning a big job.

For when such special circumstances arise, PrintVis has a field called “Job Cost = Unit Cost” …

…which lets you tell it to use a manually-entered price for an item when calculating the Job Cost, overriding the usual cost programmed in the system.

Just go to the Job Card – Estimating – Edit. Down in the Calculation Details the Job Cost = Unit Cost field is available. When ticked, this box will tell the system to look for your manually-entered Unit Cost as the first value in its calculation.

So this lets you price a job with a special, one-time value, which will only have effect for this specific item on this specific order. So you won’t have to reinvent the wheel – just tick the box!

Click the screenshots to enlarge.

Thank you Torben!

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