Tip of the Week #188 – Delete User Personalization

Tip of the Week #188 – Delete User Personalization

Senior Consultant Kit Tomshøj has a quick tip for us this week.

Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV) lets us personalize our clients with columns, filters and other local rebuilds.

The database remembers this for us as a line stored in the “User Personalization” table.

Some of our users can get somewhat overly…creative – and manage to get multiple filters set so that the system cannot open the page the next time, and it throws an error.

One method of addressing this error is to simply go in to the “Delete User Personalization” page and isolate the lines built up for this user, then find the page which seems to be troubled – and delete this line from the table.

Nothing bad will happen, the user will be back to the standard settings for the page and will have to reset the required settings (perhaps more carefully this time) – and be good to go again.

This is a quick way to see if it is a simple matter of overenthusiastic user settings that is generating the error. So give it a try if you encounter this.

Thank you Kit!

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