Tip of the Week #182 – Integrated Fields

Tip of the Week #182 – Integrated Fields in PrintVis

There are many integrated user fields – also known as optional fields – in PrintVis. We provide these as tables with up to 10 available fields each. This is because there are times when a customer needs an extra field on a case card, or job card, or item card – most any place in the system really – to display some relevant data which otherwise wouldn’t have any “real estate” to be displayed.

The fields are of different types as well, such as text, code, date, integer and more. In the example below, a setup is being made to show 3 fields for on a customer card, which could show that customer’s legacy name, number and date of origin. Another example might be to set up an optional field on a tool card, with a file number for a die that is rarely used and is stored somewhere in the depths of the warehouse. 

This is another example of how PrintVis can be simple to use out of the box yet eventually fine tuned to let you manage every minute detail of your business with an intelligent ERP system certified for Microsoft Dynamics.

Can you think of any special data that are specific to your company that you would like to have displayed within your PrintVis system? 

Thank you Thomas!

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