Tip of the Week #18 – Using the Freeze Pane

Tip of the Week #18 – Using the Freeze Pane

Thomas Beck Andersen is back with a simple yet powerful suggestion for optimizing your view in NAV: The Freeze Pane.

Over time the amount of data you accumulate in your PrintVis system will naturally grow, with customer lists, item lists, orders, journals and so on. As you know, the header columns can be arranged to your preference, displaying the categories you most want to see from left to right. Occasionally you may find yourself having to scroll horizontally to view a specific data field, for example the quality code for a certain type of paper – and when you do the basic information for that line moves out of view. This may seem a minor inconvenience, but what if you are in charge of managing your company inventory? You don’t want to keep scrolling back and forth for every line.

Behold the “Freeze Pane” function. Simply right click on the column header, select “Choose Columns” and click the “Add Freeze Pane”  button. This will insert a virtual, vertical wall that keeps everything to its left stationary – so that you can constantly see the item number and description (for example) while scrolling to view more fields on the right. Click on the screenshots to the right for a larger view.

Where you add the Freeze Pane is entirely up to you, and don’t forget that you can customize all the columns you want to see on the left with the “Move Up” and “Move Down” buttons.

Similar to Kit’s tip from last week, this is yet another way to simplify and streamline your navigation in PrintVis and optimize your time. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a highly-robust system and can contain oceans of data – you owe it to yourself to keep it well organized and under control.

Thank you Thomas!

Thomas Beck Andersen
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