Tip of the Week #174 – Have We Invoiced That Order?

Tip of the Week #174 – How to Know if an order Has Been Invoiced or Not

Senior Consultant Jörg Hüner brings us this week’s helpful tip.

How does a user know if a case has been invoiced when looking at the Case list? Is there is a best practice for Status Codes and Filters?

There are different scenarios that are in use:

  • CSRs often prepare invoices (status “Job Costing”) where it is possible to check if all consumption has been posted properly.
    • If all is OK, the status can be switched to “Ready for invoicing” – where the team posting the invoices becomes responsible.
  • If there is a shipment on the status code setup, it is possible to create the setting “Default shipped.”
    • If the shipment is set to “Shipped,” PrintVis will switch to the status code with the setting “Default shipped,” which could be the status of “Ready for invoicing” where the team that is posting the invoices is responsible.
  • If only 1 invoice per order is mostly needed, there is a setting of “Default invoiced” on the status code setup. If this setting is for example set on a status code “Archived,” PrintVis will switch the status to Archived as soon the invoice is posted.

This means the status “Ready for invoicing” should be the indicator that production on an order has ended and it can be invoiced. If there are many partial shipments and invoices it becomes a bit more complex. For this we have the report PV Invoice Control (6010319) which shows estimated values against job costing values and invoice amounts.

With a filter on the case list:

PrintVis stores the first posted Invoice no. on the case. You can filter on this as well.

<>”         -> 1 or more Invoices are posted

”              -> no Invoice is posted

(See screenshot below)

Thank you Jörg!

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