Tip of the Week #17 – Get Lazy!

Kit Tomshøj is back with some advice we can all relate to – especially as we move into the sweltering heat of summer.

Tip of the Week #17 – Get Lazy!

I just had a support call from one of my darling users.

He has worked with the role-tailored client for 2 years now – but he had created a problem he couldn’t resolve.

I was happy to talk to him again – it has been quite a while.

I logged onto his screen to fix the problem – and while we worked on it he guided me to find some functions he needed on the ribbon of the page. (He is working on a 2013, and I am now more accustomed to 2015).

After the fix I said “You are very quick to find things on the tabs of your ribbon. But I think it is time for you to get lazy!”

So we spent 5 minutes moving all his functions to the General tab of the ribbon and up in the front of it – also removing all the functions that he would never use.

Now the ribbon on that page has all his functionality exactly where it is easiest for him, saving lots of time and supporting him in the best possible ways for his work.


I want to share this with all you other NAV users;  When you are learning NAV you can spend a lot of your mental capacity just figuring out the navigation between pages, and making sure that your work is still the same. At that stage it may be difficult to decide which functions are in and out for your personal view.

But – it makes a lot of sense to revisit it once your basic skills are well adapted.


It helps the flow and the user-friendliness to customize the screens to fit each users specific needs. I jokingly say “get lazy” but the truth is it’s getting smart. You will increase efficiency and work satisfaction by simply tailoring your Role Center to remove clutter and extra steps – no different from setting up your TV remote or car radio to your favorite and most-used channels.

Even in my own systems I should be doing more of that. In fact…..I think I will just spend a little time now to take my own medicine…




Thanks once again Kit!

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