Tip of the Week #169 – Using Outlook To Become Your Own Task Master

Tip of the Week #169 – Using Outlook To Be Your Own Task Master

Office Assistant Heidi Nielsen tackles dozens of tasks each day. In this week’s tip she shares her secret for not getting overwhelmed.

When trying to keep track of all your day to day tasks, why not use the Task functionality in your Outlook calendar?

Here you can get an easy overview of your day-to-day tasks, set up reminders for yourself and others, delegate tasks and so much more. This will save you from trying to keep track of all tasks in your head, or doing like I used to: Stick yellow Post-It notes all over my computer screen.

However simple or detailed you want to do it is up to you.

First, in your Outlook screen you select the Task icon at the bottom left hand side of the page, then press New Task on the top left hand side and you’re ready to go (click each screenshot for a larger view): 

On top of the basic details like Subject and Date, you can set up tasks to repeat themselves. This can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly – whatever fits your need.

You can also allocate tasks to someone else; For example, if you need some kind of documentation from others in order to complete your task. Here you can set up a reminder to be sent to them a couple of days before you need to complete your task, asking for the needed information/documentation, etc.  

Upon completion, you can either delete the task or leave it on your list, whichever you prefer.

When being involved with more mailboxes, you can also set up tasks for a mailbox manned by someone else on the day the task is due. This way that person will see the task on the specific day, or get a reminder – if the task is set up to send out reminders.

No need to send out separate mails reminding colleagues of upcoming tasks, the system will do that all by itself, whether the reminder is for one person or a full mailing list.

Happy planning! 😊

Thank you Heidi!

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