Tip of the Week #168 – Developer’s Night Out at NAV Tech Days 2018!

Tip of the Week #168 – Developer’s Night Out at NAV Tech Days 2018!

Developer Peter Tijsma has a shout-out for all our PrintVis Partner Developers.

The best Developer’s Tip-of-the-week all year!


Fellow Developers: Let’s get together for a nice dinner and discussion session – hosted by PrintVis on the Wednesday evening (November 21st) prior to the NAV TechDays conference.

The venue is yet to be decided, but we will definitely enjoy a great dinner and have some excellent ‘food for thought’ – during and after which we (Peter, Christian, Rikard and Tommy) would like to engage in discussions with you about the PrintVis/Dynamics NAV product as it stands, and the roadmap that lies ahead. Share your thoughts with us!

Some ideas to get you thinking:

  • What would YOU like to see in a future version of PrintVis – specifically from a Developer’s perspective?
    • More Integration Events (sure, but where?)
    • More API’s (sure, but what should they provide?)
    • More Sample Code (sure, but what should it be about?)
    • Etc.
  • Are we screwing up totally in the current version(s) – if so, where?
  • Brainstorming about PrintVis / Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Do’s / Don’ts

We invite you to let us know if there’s anything you think we should prepare for this evening.

As NAV Tech Days gets closer, you will receive a personal invitation through email with all the details, but this early post should give you a heads-up and something to think about.

Have a colleague who might be interested in joining us? Please share this post with them.

We look forward to seeing you all this November in Antwerp!

Thank you Peter!

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