Tip of the Week #166 – The Capacity Resource Card

Tip of the Week #166 – The Capacity Resource Card

Senior Consultant Kit Tomshøj brings us this week’s helpful tip.

We spend a lot of effort to make sure that the shop floor staff can give a precise account of their work day and the time they’ve spent on orders.

We are often asked how we can see this data afterwards. Print companies using Microsoft Dynamics NAV with PrintVis have many helpful tools for data collection and reporting.

Of course we have a report per order, and we have a report for overall job performance.

But did you know that you can see a single employee’s performance from the Capacity Resource card?

You can open a filtered Time Recordings page from here, and you can further filter with buttons for direct vs. indirect Time Recordings.

This is an easy way to review the performance of the individuals on the shop floor.

Thank you Kit!

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