Tip of the Week #164 – Smarter Calculations for a Better Bid

Tip of the Week #164 – Smarter Calculations for a Better Bid

Senior Consultant Jörg Hüner is back to demonstrate how the PrintVis system can look at the bigger picture when estimating a job.

When you are using a price list from one of your paper vendors while quoting a job which has multiple versions, PrintVis is able to sum up the required quantities for the entire job to select the best price – both from an internal cost perspective and for a more competitive bid. Let’s look at the PrintVis setup inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Price list setup: 

Example 1 (Job1, Version 1): a single Poster (1 job item) requiring 795 sheets of paper:

Price is 60 per 1000 pcs:

Example 2 (Job1 Version 2): 2 Posters (2 equal job items) and each needs 795 paper sheets => Total sheets 1590 => expected cost 40:

Result: Cost is 40 per 1000 pieces, even if the line quantity is less than 1001.

The following options are available as Quantity Principle to group/total the quantities differently:

  • Only current line
  • Same item number
  • Same operation on cost center
  • Same item and operation number
  • Same price list code

In this example we used paper for pricing, but this functionality works for any type of Item. 

Thank you Jörg!

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