Tip of the Week #163 – Advanced Filtering for Imposition Types

Tip of the Week #163 – Advanced Filtering for Imposition Types

This week, Senior Consultant Jörg Hüner has a helpful tip about using advanced search filters in PrintVis when optimizing your sheet usage.

How to use the fields on the “Advanced Filtering” FastTab from the Imposition Type setup?

Those fields are used when looking up the imposition types by using the assist button (Imposition search window) on the Job Items. PrintVis filters the imposition type on specific fields from the Job Item and only imposition types that match the parameters will be displayed, in case an imposition type is only made for a special sheet size, machine or printing method.

Some fields are double, if in case they are only used for filtering but not to be transferred to the actual Sheet/Job Item; See markings in the above screenshot.

Here is the assist button:

This is the filtered Imposition Search:

By default the search is filtered on “No. of pages on the sheet”.

The following additional Parameters can be used, if Imposition Types are:

  • Made for a special paper, of a dedicated 
    • sheet size
    • weight
    • quality
  • Made for a dedicated printing method.
  • Made for a specific Machine/Cost Center 
  • Made for a specific printing process

Thank you Jörg!

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