Tip of the Week #159 – MOXA Moxie

Tip of the Week #159 – MOXA Moxie

This week Project Manager Torben Nielsen brings us a tip on shop floor data connectivity.

Did you know…

You can connect PrintVis directly to your Cost Centers?

PrintVis supports the gathering of basic performance information from your printing presses and other Cost Centers, no matter what make or model (many print companies still use machines that are many decades old on a regular basis).

For this we use some external data collection hardware module with i/o functionality and ethernet accessibility. The inputs of the data collection module are connected to sensors/signals from the printing machine. The Data Collection Module is abbreviated DCM.

We have developed a standard software interface for a specific DCM – The MOXA E1210 I/O module.

The data collected is either “counting ticks” or “on/off states” from your Cost Centers. This enables PrintVis to keep track of, for example, a printed quantity from your running press, and whether it is currently in “Setup” or “Print” mode.

This information can then be inserted directly to the PrintVis Shopfloor solution.

Torben Nielsen

The MOXA E1210 I/O Module

The MOXA E1210 is a generic counter, with an ethernet access point. It has 16 digital inputs, and each input can be configured to function as either an event counter or as an ordinary digital input.

An event counter counts events, including cylinder rotations, using an appropriate sensor or existing signal source.

A digital input can report the state of a switch, for example, whether it is on or off.

Once wired up, Printvis can be enabled to read data from the DCM, thus allowing PrintVis to automatically keep track of – for example – printed quantity on the job ticket, startup status, printing status and more. This means that 100-year old Heidelberg with zero computer interface can still send running sheet counts to the production manager and remain a valuable member of your machinery park in 2018. 

Thank you Torben!

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