Tip of the Week #155 – Formulas in Documents and their Limitation Cap

Tip of the Week #155 – Formulas in Documents and Their Limitation Cap

System Developer Tommy Svensen Møballe brings us this week’s helpful tip.

Making a Quote, Order Confirmation… or Invoice can become tedious if one is forced to manually input the information each time.

The Documents functionality in PrintVis provides a quick and easy way of generating a file from your needed data.

However, when working with Documents, there is a hard cap/limit to the amount of information lines that can be generated for a single Formula.

If for a Formula you have more than 100 records/entries of specific information, an error message will be generated, stating, “Index is outside the declared dimensions” when you press ‘Open/Create Document.”

This is currently the way it is designed and can be a limitation when generating a document – so it’s good to keep in mind during the document setup: Consider the formulas being used and when to create a new formula.

Thank you Tommy!

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