Tip of the Week #151 – Gouged by Emojis!

Tip of the Week #150 – Gouged by Emojis!

PrintVis Office Assistant Heidi Quod Nielsen speaks from experience when she advises you to notice the details of your phone plan when traveling.

Be careful when sending SMS messages from abroad.

Being in charge of our sales and purchase invoices, I learned a very expensive lesson last week.

Our PrintVis colleagues traveling abroad quite often – and obviously they use their mobile phones while away.

A lot of phone providers now offer an all-in package for certain countries – but be careful with the countries that are not included.

Most people would expect that using SMS from abroad would be a low-cost way of letting people at home know you’re thinking of them, by sending a short message.  What a lot of people are not aware of is that a single SMS can contain a maximum of 160 characters, including spaces.

Should you decide to include just 1 emoji to this text, the number of digits is reduced to 70. Nowadays people often add much more than a single emoji to their texts, unaware of how expensive this can become.

For example, a colleague sent 34 texts while visiting a distant country for consultancy services. Because some of these contained emojis we were billed for 223 texts. Some phone providers convert texts that exceed the maximum number of characters to an MMS (multimedia messaging service, which is also more costly) – but unfortunately that is far from all of them.

So bear this in mind when traveling abroad, whether on business or leisure – or a happy smiley can easily turn into a very sad smiley.

Many locations now offer Wifi, so use that when possible. You can also set your Iphone to not send SMS messages whenever IMessaging is unavailable.

Thank you Heidi!

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