Tip of the Week #147 – Using Charts for an Easy Overview of Your Quoting

Tip of the Week #146 – Using Charts for an Easy Overview of Your Pricing

This week, Developer Christian Mütze has a great tip for you print estimators out there!

“How to get a fast and smart overview about your quoted/estimated pricing.”

Most print estimators are tasked with generating multiple quotes for multiple companies – when a live job shows up as an RFQ, often to the tune of dozens of quotes per day.

Does your print estimating software give you a graphical, summary view of your estimates? In standard NAV, you can just use the “Show as Chart” button when you’ve calculated some alternatives.

Check out the screenshots below.

Print company management will also find such chart views a convenient way to review and compare pricing per company, by dollar amount, and by quantity – which can go a long way to “getting your arms around” your daily operations, and your bottom line.

Take screenshots from your print MIS dashboard and share multiple chart overviews with your staff at the weekly meeting!

Thank you Christian!

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