Tip of the Week #147.1 – Add Multiple Quote Options in Seconds

This week’s earlier tip, Using Charts for an Easy Overview of Your Pricing, actually demonstrates the results of some great standard NAV functionality that we thought should also be highlighted in PrintVis. So consider this an addendum, and read on!

Tip of the Week #146.1 – Add Multiple Quote Options in Seconds

Where Tip #146 pointed out a simple way to view your data (various quote quantities and prices, in this example) for quick and easy analysis in chart form, we want to show a preceding feature in standard NAV which gets you to that point. It’s called “Copy Alternatives” and it’s a great way to quickly add different options to your initial quote – such as changing the number of pages, the number of colors (front and/or back) – and getting a quick overview of how these variances will affect your quote price, your profit margin and other valuable metrics.

(Note: Click each screenshot for a detailed view)

  1. Select the desired quote request from your list of Cases (status = Request)

2. You can see we have a single quantity with a calculated price, along with other job details

3. Now go to the Job tab towards the bottom right – drill down to Copy -> Copy Alternatives

4. Enter as many alternative quantities, pages, etc. as needed. Now hit the Copy button on the top left.

5. The system is calculating your request…

6. Back on the Request page, all of the new variations have now been entered and calculated

7. Again on the Job tab (bottom right), drill down to “Job Overview”

8. Now you see a detail of your quote options, in List form. Click “Show as Chart” on the top left

9. Select the desired dimensions and measures for your chart

10. The range of options for building your chart is huge

11. This chart is in three dimensions: Quantity, Quoted Price and Direct Cost. Once you understand the metrics you need, you can build a visual chart representation for just about any range of data

And that brings us full circle to Tip of the Week #146, once again. This is but one small aspect of a tremendous print MIS which will optimize your print estimating, empower you with rich data analysis, and help you run a tight, profitable ship with a complete solution from Microsoft to the print industry vertical. See you next week!


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