Tip of the Week #145 – 3 Ways to Collapse the Pane

Tip of the Week #144 – Three Ways to Collapse the Pane

This week’s tip was reserved for Senior Developer Mogens Christensen – but as it turns out, Mogens retired last week! Fortunately, Senior Consultant Kit Tomshøj has a plethora of great tips of her own, and here’s a quick one.

All our best wishes to Mogens for a great retirement! Here’s one of his previous tips.

In the Windows Client, most pages have Fast-panes which have more or less information in them.

For example – the posted Receipt page has the Panes “General,” “Lines,” “Invoicing” and “Shipping” (top left of each Pane header): 

You can open and close these Panes by clicking on the arrow in the far right of each Pane header.

But – you can also just use ALT+F6 if you are trying to avoid mousing.

Or – simply double-click anywhere on the Pane header if you are in a hurry.

Thank you Kit!

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