Tip of the Week #141 – The Pantone Library

Tip of the Week #141 – The Pantone Library

Senior Consultant Kit Tomshøj is back this week with a very colorful tip.

Did you know the entire Pantone library is available in PrintVis?

For companies who do lots of logo printing, for example, in screen, flexo and offset – it’s good to know that PrintVis has the ability to host all of the Pantone color codes.

Not only that – but it can actually be created “by magic” – with a click on a button; So there is no need to plan for 2 days of data entry in order to have it at your fingertips and ready to use.

How? In the PrintVis Setup menu, under Estimation, you can find the Color Table.

When you open this you will see a (perhaps quite empty) list of available inks.

Actually, this example is not so empty.

There are several ways of getting data in here.

  1. Manually – create any item you’d like
  2. Through RapidStart (with help from a PrintVis consultant) – import from a spreadsheet
  3. Click the “Insert Pantone” button – this button unfolds the entire Pantone Library in this list
  4. Click the “Process Color” button – this button unfolds the Process colors in this list

You may or may not want to have each Pantone or other color created as an Item – but if so, you can use the “Create Items” button to help you.

This will create Item Cards in your database, based on the colors in this table.

Thank you Kit!

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