Tip of the Week #140 – Printing Industry Exchange

Tip of the Week #140 – Printing Industry Exchange

This week, Marketing Coordinator Michael Bradley introduces us to an “online printing service matchmaker,” – Printing Industry Exchange.

I chanced upon the Printing Industry Exchange website a few weeks ago while looking for some online printing glossaries. While many on the PrintVis team (and our Partners) come from a print background of some form or other, it is true that some colleagues (developers, for example) have never even seen a printing press in person, let alone run one, tech savvy though they may be.

So – because the print industry is our exclusive vertical, and we want to keep our colleagues as informed as possible about it;  I thought that learning some of its terminology would be a good starting point, found the PIE print glossary on their site and discovered their main service.

Print Industry Exchange acts as a liaison between a prospective print buyer and print companies – mostly in the U.S. but also internationally, 24/7. The print buyer chooses their product from the list of posted categories and submits specs through an online form, and any member print companies (it’s a low-cost subscription service for printers seeking leads and repeat business) who provide services matching the specs will be emailed the quote request. From there they can competitively bid on the job and coordinate directly with the print buyer once they decide to move forward with the transaction.

For our hundreds of printer friends, this might be yet another tool in your kit for finding work in an ever-diversifying marketplace, where geographical location doesn’t necessarily dictate a buyer’s purchasing decisions. You may also find some new print-buyer prospects locally who’ve never heard of you – and vice versa.

So check it out – at the very least it’s good to know it exists (since 1997). We at PrintVis always hope your workload is plentiful – and when you need the Microsoft-certified print MIS for Dynamics NAV to manage those jobs all the way from quote to delivery to accounting – PrintVis is the best – and only – solution out there.

Download a Free Glossary of Printing Terms: a-glossary-of-printing.pdf (155 downloads)


Established in 1997, Printing Industry Exchange (PIE) was created and is currently moderated by printing professionals with backgrounds in the commercial printing and graphic design industry. Our mission is to help people connect with the right printing company for their project. Our qualified vendors include the very best printers and manufacturing world-wide.

This is a free service to the print buyer. Print buyers use our service to connect with online printing companies for a wide range of printing services. Our clients include graphic design firms, brokers, printing companies, Fortune 500 corporations, self-publishers, advertising and marketing firms, small businesses and even the general public.

Printing companies subscribe with us to earn the opportunity to establish new relationships for repeat business. Printing companies with printing equipment can sign up with our service for a low monthly fee, giving you access to hundreds of print buyers who are seeking printing services. Build your printing business by receiving print leads via e-mail or on the Printing Industry Exchange website. Printing Industry Exchange connects print buyers with printing companies 24/7, since 1997.

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