Tip of the Week #14 – Adjusting the Header Height

This week’s tip comes from Senior Consultant Thomas Beck Andersen.

There is newer functionality in the NAV Role-Tailored Client which further helps you to customize your views to your particular needs or tastes. You may be aware of the ability to expand or reduce the column width in previous versions, but did you know about adjusting the Header height?

Just as more crowded data fields (long customer names, for example) can be fully viewed by clicking and dragging the vertical column bars from side to side, the height of the Header fields can be customized to display one, two or three lines of “real estate.” This is helpful of course for longer Header titles as well so that more can be read at a glance.

In addition to that, though, Thomas points out that when you right click on the Header title, you can choose to have the selected number of lines applied to all your lists at once with the “Apply to All Lists” option.

This will save you time if you know you prefer all your List columns to look a certain way, and from there you can always customize an individual List differently, if needed. 

Another helpful tip for those of us using PrintVis and Microsoft Dynamics NAV on a daily basis. Click on each screenshot for an expanded view. 

Thank you Thomas!

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