Tip of the Week #139 – Using the System Indicator

Tip of the Week #139 – Using the System Indicator

Project Manager Torben Nielsen shares a quick and easy tip for color coding your companies in the database. 

Do you have several companies in your database?

…and sometimes mix up which company is the current one in use?

Then this setting may come in handy.

You can activate a “System indicator” to show the current company name like this:

This way you will be able to always have an indication of what is your current company.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Search for “Company Information” in your search bar.

In the Company Information window fill out the System indicator fast tab like this:

And restart your client to enjoy the result.

Note that this has to be done per company, when you’d like to show an indicator.

Try the following:

Tip 1: In the “System Indicator” field, try using the “Custom Text” option, and fill out the “System indicator text” manually, e.g. “Test” or “Live Database.”

Tip 2: In the “System Indicator Style,” choose different values to vary the color of your indicator text.

And for more information go here.

Thank you Torben!

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