Tip of the Week #137 – Going With the Grain

Tip of the Week #137 – Going With the Grain

Our newest Developer Tommy Svendsen Møballe shares with us his first tip of the week.

How would one go about cutting a sheet, when also taking into consideration the Grain Direction?

Print companies should understand how important it is to cut sheets correctly by having a thorough understanding of the information presented in their print mis (management information system). Incorrect cutting information will affect other parts of the system, not to mention the job itself. When the information is wrong, one of the affected areas will be the number of sheets used – and if the planning aspect has an incorrect calculation, it quickly leads to unnecessary resource waste.

When you want a printed sheet to be reduced in size, the lowest value of the sheet needs to be considered. If the lowest dimension will change, then the grain direction needs to be updated accordingly first. When the grain direction is not updated along with changes to the print sheet’s dimensions, then the system will go for the incorrect sheet direction. And if the sheet direction is wrong, there’s a very good chance of encountering additional problems down the road.

Result from cutting the Depth by 50 %, from 40 to 20 – and changing the grain direction.

In PrintVis 2018, the term ’Grain Direction’ has been renamed to ’Paper Feed,’ and the options ‘Landscape’/‘Portait’ replace ‘Long Grain’/’Short Grain’ – to make it more relateable and easier to understand.

Thank you Tommy!

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