Tip of the Week #132 – New Power BI Reports FactBox in NAV 2018

Tip of the Week #132 – New Power BI Reports FactBox in NAV 2018

Marketing Coordinator Michael Bradley brings us the first tip of 2018.

With the release of NAV 2018 only a month ago, Microsoft continued their steady trek toward embellishing their dynamic ERP product with dozens of small features that make your daily work more streamlined. Sharing data between multiple interfaces and eliminating redundant entries can simplify any user’s tasks.

They’ve been continuing to grow their Power BI integration for several years now. With the new Power BI reporting factbox in 2018 you can view your Power BI reports by making them visible from within the most highly-used lists in Dynamics NAV.  You can also interact and filter the reports by selecting records from the associated list page.

In NAV 2017 you could see a small prompt, “Get Started with Power BI” – in the Role Center. Now the same link is available for you to add Power BI reports to many more individual pages – Customers, Vendors, Items, etc. – further incorporating and connecting all sorts of vital data exactly where you need it.

You will need an active Azure account, and to be quite honest, the setup can be a bit fussy. Here is a link with step-by-step instructions.

Once set up, however, you’ll begin to recognize the power of this integration, which allows you to view data from other sources in a pleasing graphic format while cross-referencing with your local, internal data.

Read some more basic information on Power BI here.

Or just dive in right now by going here!

Thank you Michael!

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