Tip of the Week #129 – Using Price Groups

Tip of the Week #129 – Using Price Groups

This week Project Manager Torben Nielsen shows us an easy way to control your markup rates when estimating print work in PrintVis.

Price Groups

Ever considered using Price Groups for adding a markup to a job?

Using Price Groups will allow you to adjust markup per priceunit and per detail line.

This will affect your profit on a print job (Sales Price). 

You will need Price Groups and Additional rates.

Below is a description on how to try it out.

First – create your price groups here:

Secondly, you need to setup “Additional Rates”:

  • Leave “Additional Rate Groups” code blank
  • Select “Additional Markup”
  • Enter a line with no “Price Group” and “Rate” = 0. This will be the rate if no price group is chosen.
  • Enter lines with required price groups
  • Example below:

On the job:

  • Make field “Price Group” visible
  • In the “Price Group” field you can now select the proper Price Group

The “Quoted Price” will adjust accordingly:

Inspect the estimation and see that all Price Units now have the chosen rate (from the Price Group), and so do the unit details:

On top of that you can also use Price Groups on your Cost Centers! But that’s a story for another time.

Happy Price Grouping!

Thank you Torben!

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