Tip of the Week #128 – Locations on Item Consumption Postings

Tip of the Week #128 – Locations on Item Consumption Postings

Senior Consultant Jörg Hüner returns this week with a tip that dovetails with his last posting, Tip of the Week #122.

Issue: Item Consumption Posting is moved to “Error” Journal, due to a missing Location Code

This tip demonstrates how to set a locations mandatory and a default location for Item Consumption postings in PrintVis.

If you get the service message below and in the “Error Journal” you can see that the location code is missing, the following options are possible:

You can enter the location code manually into the Job Costing Journal:

This you can force the input and prevent those “Error” postings with the “Location Code Mandatory” setting in the PrintVis General Setup:

If the Location Code for consumption is fix per User or Cost Center (Items are moved to a production location), a setup on the Job Costing Journal or Cost Center can be made. This will auto-fill the location code, and no additional manual input is required.

Cost Center Setup (Make sure you have enabled “From Location = Cost Center”: See red arrow above):

Thank you Jörg!

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