Tip of the Week #125 – Report Scheduling in Dynamics NAV

Tip of the Week #125 – Report Scheduling in Dynamics NAV

Senior Developer Mogens Christensen reports in with this week’s helpful tip. 

It is very easy to automate and schedule your preferred reports.

If some reports need to be started with a user selection (such as DateFilter etc.), this can easily be built into the reports by developers.

How to: Schedule a Report to Run

The following instructions refer to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016
Reports can be scheduled to run at a specific date and time. Just like other jobs, scheduled reports are entered into the job queue and processed at a specified time.
You have the option to save the processed report to a file, such as a PDF or Excel sheet, print it, or merely process it.
The report output will be generated from the server and placed in your “My Report Inbox.”

You can schedule a report from the job queue on your Role Center or on the request page when you open a report.

The following instructions are taken directly from the Microsoft Developer Network: 

To schedule a report to run

  1. Do one of the following:
    • To schedule a report from the report request page, open the report, and then in the Print menu of the report’s request page, choose Schedule.
    • To schedule a report from the job queue, in the My Job Queue part on the Role Center page, choose Schedule a Report.
  2. In the Schedule a Report window, set the Report ID field to ID of the report that you want to schedule to run. Use the drop-down list to find the report.This field is automatically filled in when you schedule a report from the report request page.After you set the Report ID field, the Report Name field is automatically filled in with the name of the report. You cannot manually change this field.
  3. Fill in the remaining fields as described in the following table.

The report is added to the job queue and will be run at the specified time. When the report is processed, the item will be removed from the job queue. If you saved the processed report to a file, it will be available in the Report Inbox on your Role Center.

Find more information on Report Scheduling and Automation with the following helpful links from Microsoft: 




Thank you Mogens!

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