Tip of the Week #122 – Is That An Error Message, Or…?

Tip of the Week #122 – Is That An Error Message, Or…?

Senior Consultant Jörg Hüner has this week’s helpful tip.

Properly titled, this week’s tip should read, “Transferred to Error Journal Message on PrintVis Job Costing Journal Posting for Item Consumption.”

PrintVis tries to keep a small footprint inside of standard NAV, to retain all functionality and reduce the complexity of upgrades.

For this reason, Item Consumption posting through a PrintVis Job Costing Journal is handled by a NAV Item Journal.

PrintVis will only copy the item line in the PV job costing journal to a dedicated Item Journal Batch – and post this journal.

We sometimes get support calls stating that something is wrong – the customer has received an error message and how can we fix this? But – if the message looks like the second screenshot below it is not an error message!

When trying to post an Item entry in the PV Job Costing Journal:

This service message might come up:

This is a service dialog which informs the user that a Journal line was faulty and couldn’t be posted from the Item Journal. Typically, it is caused by an incorrect setup, missing input or a workflow that is not optimized.

This is what the dialog means:

    • The Job Costing Journal line that was transferred to the Item Journal couldn’t be posted.
  • Line 2: ITEM
    • This is the Item Journal template name of the Journal where the entry is now located.
  • Line 3: PRINTVIS
    • This is the Item Journal Batch name of the Journal where the entry is now located.

How to solve the problem?

To check what the problem is, just open the Item Journal Batch that was displayed in the message and post the line to be notified about the issue.

Open the Item Journal Batch:

Now try posting the line – to get detailed information on what is wrong:

Make sure the entry is corrected accordingly and find out how it happened, so the posting will go through successfully without issues in the future!

This is the Job Costing Journal setup

Please note: It is recommended to have a dedicated Journal that is only used for Job Costing.

This journal would then only contain entries if an error has occurred, or if there is a real-time posting setup (see below: Setting “Post Item Journal”).

The journal should be reviewed daily to make sure that no Job Costing postings are lying there waiting to be posted – or fixed in order to be posted.

This is where/how to setup the Item Journal:

Thank you Jörg – and Happy Birthday!

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