Tip of the Week #118 – Go with the Microsoft Flow

Tip of the Week #118 – Microsoft Flow

This week’s tip comes from our new intern Christian Thuner.

Microsoft Flow is a cool new product from Microsoft that works as “middleware” – software that connects other software or enterprise applications. It is designed to help you work more smartly and efficiently by automating processes and tasks across the many apps and services that are available today. Flow is part of the suite of apps that are parked in your Office 365 account and launches easily from there, or you can go here to get started.

Flow allows you to do such things as receive notifications, synchronize files, collect data, automate approvals and much more. It connects with over 150 different services out of the box, such as Outlook, OneDrive, Twitter and both Dynamics NAV (thus PrintVis) and Dynamics 365. There are dozens of easy-to-use Flow templates at your immediate disposal, or you can create your own Flow from scratch (check out the first video below for an easy tutorial on both methods).

I tried by building a simple Flow that combines Outlook with MS translation – so that Flow will detect if an email is not English and automatically makes sure it is translated. Another example is creating a Flow between Excel and CRM (or Dynamics 365) to automatically import leads from an Excel sheet.

There are many, many options – and it is easy to use. So – watch this product – it is going to change the way we work! As is usually the case with new software applications, the best way to learn it is to use it – so give Flow a try today!

Thank you Christian!

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