Tip of the Week #113 – Cost Center Rates per Individual Operation

Tip of the Week #113 – Cost Center Rates per Individual Operation

Senior Consultant Dennis André Thomsen has this week’s helpful tip. 

When setting up the estimation in PrintVis, you apply your ’Rates per Hour’ for each Configuration to a Cost Center. You can in fact also apply individual rates per Operation (in practical terms a few operations).

For example, if you estimate Saddle Stitching or Perfect Binding, you will often need to assign more people as the number of signatures goes up. Such extra personnel should of course not be charged with the full Machine Cost per hour, but Labor Cost (+ overhead) only.

Hence for the operation(s) calculating the extra personnel, you can set specific Rates per Hour for the Operation(s) only.

When applying “Rates,” filter for operation 400 and then 410 to set up the valid rates for extra personnel.

And then to view all rates for the Configuration:

In order to have the postings from the Shop Floor using these specific rates, a specific Unit of Measure must be made for each operation, having a specific price.

And similar of course to operation 410.

When properly set up, the Configuration looks like this:

Thank you Dennis!

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