Tip of the Week #111 – Test Profiles and Configuration Mode

Tip of the Week #111 – Test Profiles and Configuration Mode

Developer Rikard Hult brings us this week’s tip. 

When you are setting up or want to test another profile than your normal one, you could create a new shortcut for NAV.

Create or copy a shortcut to Dynamics NAV (2013,2013R2,2015,2016,2017) to the desktop. Right click on the new icon and select properties.

Add  -profile:”PV COORDINATOR” to the end in the field target, and replace PV COORDINATOR with the name of the profile you want to test. Click OK.

You could also change the text of the icon so that it’s easier to identify what the icon does.

When you use the icon to start NAV, it will start with the profile PV COORDINATOR.

To configure a profile, add -configure to the target on the icon.

It’s easy to see when the client is in configuration mode:

When the client is running in configuration mode, all changes are saved to the profile and not the user. Examples of changes could be hide/show columns and fields on pages.

For more info, go here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd354992(v=nav.90).aspx

Thank you Rikard!

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